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 Cookie’s Corner

Welcome! Welcome to Cookie’s Canadian Corner! Sit yourself down! Care for a beer? No? Okay, suit yourself. Me, I’ve got a hankerin’ for a shot of Canadian Rye with a Molson Golden chaser and a Backbacon Burger smothered with maple syrup. Yum! So you want to know all about Canada, eh? Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Consider yourself, having come to this site, officially inside Canada! That’s right! No borders to cross, no customs officials, no hiding of contraband necessary. Voila! Welcome to the northland! Home to polar bears, igloos, good beer, wanna-be-capitalists, wanna-be-socialists, clean dirt, cold snow, four seasons, nazi war criminals, comedian Mike Myers, Anne Murray, space-slut pretty-boy William Shatner, and the heavenly host of angels who scared the shit out of a bunch of shepherds about 2000 years ago with some funky trumpet playing and who have now retired as the Northern Lights.

cook-e-canada: a potion of the internet of a large area but small population whose inhabitants exhibit strange pronunciations: "about" spoken here will sound like "aboot", "house" sounds like "hoose". Natural resources include virtual maple syrup and digital backbacon. To visit cook-e-canada click here with your "moose".